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dental presentation history
Presenting at Chicago Mid-Winter Dental Meeting 2020

Dental Course History


May “Prevent Practice Pain“ virtual talk – The Dentist Advisor


November “Prevent Practice Pain“ – Calgary & District Gnathological Society


February “How to Be Fascialicious” – Chicago Dental Society
February “Kiss Practice Pain Goodbye” – Chicago Dental Society
February “TRE® The Stress Solution” – Chicago Dental Society
January “Kiss Practice Pain Goodbye” – TREC Dental, Calgary, AB


June “Prevent Practice Pain” – B.C. Denturists Association, Penticton, BC
May “How to be Fascialicious” – Alberta Dental Association and College, Calgary, AB
March Chairwoman “So You Think You Can Speak” – Pacific Dental Conference, Vancouver, BC
February “Kiss Practice Pain Goodbye” – Henry Schein, Calgary, AB


November “Prevent Practice Pain” – BC Dental Hygienists Association, Victoria BC
November “Kiss Practice Pain Goodbye” – Endo Perio, Calgary
September “How to be Fascialicious” ADEC (Austin Dental Equipment Co.) Portland, Oregon
“How to be Fascialicious” The Alberta Denturist Assoc. Canmore, AB
“Kiss Practice Pain Goodbye” – Hunterhorn Dental Clinic, Calgary, AB
“Solving Soluchitis” – Bratopia, Calgary, AB
 “How to be Fascialicious” – Pacific Dental Conference, Vancouver, BC
January “Prevent Posture Pain” – Harfield Orthodontics, Calgary, AB


November “Prevent Posture Pain Workshop” – BC Dental Hygienists Assoc. Coquitlam
October “Prevent Posture Pain Workshop” – Springborough Dental, Calgary
September “How to be Fascialicious Workshops” – Alberta Denturists Assoc, Banff, AB
April “How To Be Fascialicious Talk” – Antosz Orthodontics, Calgary, AB
April “Prevent Posture Pain Talk” – Calgary & District Gnathological Society
March “Prevent Posture Pain” – Pacific Dental Conference, Vanc. BC


Crescent Heights Dental, Calgary, AB
Devon Energy Calgary, AB
Deloitte Calgary, AB
Alberta Association of Court Reporters, Banff, AB
Alliance Pipeline, Calgary, AB
University of Alberta, Dental Hygienists Program, Edmonton, AB