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dental presentation history
Presenting at Chicago Mid-Winter Dental Meeting 2020

Dental Presentation History


June “Prevent Practice Pain“ – British Columbia Denturists Association


May “Kiss Practice Pain Goodbye“ virtual talk – The Dentist Advisor
October “Prevent Practice Pain“ – Alberta Denturists Association


November “Prevent Practice Pain“ – Calgary & District Gnathological Society


February “How to Be Fascialicious” – Chicago Dental Society
February “Kiss Practice Pain Goodbye” – Chicago Dental Society
February “TRE® The Stress Solution” – Chicago Dental Society
January “Kiss Practice Pain Goodbye” – TREC Dental, Calgary, AB


June “Prevent Practice Pain” – B.C. Denturists Association, Penticton, BC
May “How to be Fascialicious” – Alberta Dental Association and College, Calgary, AB
March Chairwoman “So You Think You Can Speak” – Pacific Dental Conference, Vancouver, BC
February “Kiss Practice Pain Goodbye” – Henry Schein, Calgary, AB


November “Prevent Practice Pain” – BC Dental Hygienists Association, Victoria BC
November “Kiss Practice Pain Goodbye” – Endo Perio, Calgary
September “How to be Fascialicious” ADEC (Austin Dental Equipment Co.) Portland, Oregon
“How to be Fascialicious” The Alberta Denturist Assoc. Canmore, AB
“Kiss Practice Pain Goodbye” – Hunterhorn Dental Clinic, Calgary, AB
“Solving Soluchitis” – Bratopia, Calgary, AB
 “How to be Fascialicious” – Pacific Dental Conference, Vancouver, BC
January “Prevent Posture Pain” – Harfield Orthodontics, Calgary, AB


November “Prevent Posture Pain Workshop” – BC Dental Hygienists Assoc. Coquitlam
October “Prevent Posture Pain Workshop” – Springborough Dental, Calgary
September “How to be Fascialicious Workshops” – Alberta Denturists Assoc, Banff, AB
April “How To Be Fascialicious Talk” – Antosz Orthodontics, Calgary, AB
April “Prevent Posture Pain Talk” – Calgary & District Gnathological Society
March “Prevent Posture Pain” – Pacific Dental Conference, Vanc. BC


Crescent Heights Dental, Calgary, AB
University of Alberta, Dental Hygienists Program, Edmonton, AB