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Empowerment to Enliven Your Body

Rehab-Pilates is recommended by physiotherapists and doctors due to its therapeutic nature. It shows up repeatedly in physiotherapy clinics and hospitals world-wide. Pilates is a whole-body exercise that focuses on core and overall strength, balance, breath, spinal health, good posture, and proper technique. A healthy body needs stability and mobility and this is where Rehab-Pilates excels. The exercises can be modified to meet the injured/recovering clients’ needs to where they are currently. If a client is in pain or has specific limitations, there are countless exercises and modifications to work around the affected area creating support and strength both locally and globally.

Pilates is intelligent exercise not mindless movement. The client connects the mind and the body – and this requires self-responsibility. As a result, the injured/recovering client plays an integral role in their own healing. As the client progresses through the Rehab-Pilates methods and graduates to a more general fitness style of Pilates, this creates a great level of client satisfaction.

For home sessions, Pilates equipment (ie: Reformer or Tower) are helpful to have, but not totally necessary. There is a large repertoire of Rehab based Pilates exercises that can done with small Pilates apparatus and various other props that don’t take up a lot of space and are not expensive: i.e.: Pilates: Spine Corrector, Orbit, or Motr, TheraBand’s, stability ball, small therapeutic balls, mat, hand weights and gliders.

Kathleen is a “trauma-informed” teacher. This means she has been trained to understand how all of life’s big ‘T” and little “t” trauma’s can negatively impact your brain, body, and mind. This shapes her teaching approach and affects her overall communication strategies with you.

Many physicians, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and other health professionals refer their patients to Kathleen. They understand that Rehab-Pilates is very effective to help re-educate and restore function following an accident or injury or, to generally enhance overall fitness and excelling in sport. They know that the diminishment of guarding patterns, correct recruitment of the “core” and the halting of overly recruited muscles is what is often needed to restore healthy movement patterns. They trust that Kathleen has the skills to educate their patients.

Kathleen And A Student Doing Pilates