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Empowerment to Enliven Your Body
Functional fitness for healthy myofascia
The importance of the suboccipital muscles
Myofascial continuity of the superficial rectus abdominis muscle
Back arm lines locked and strained
Neck stability and the deep neck flexors
Seated pelvic positions relating to the pelvic floor
Importance of where your vision gazes
Front Arm Lines, locked short and concentrically bunched
Importance of strengthening the rotator cuff
Importance of pelvic floor strength
Kathleen Keller Talks Myofascia
Kathleen Keller Talks Myofascia
You are never to old to do Pilates!

Meet Margaret, she has been doing weekly private Pilates sessions with Kathleen since 2017.

Margaret is dedicated to keeping her body moving. She has some portable home Pilates equipment and faithfully does regular homework.
At 92, she is still an avid golfer. Way to go Margaret!