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Empowerment to Enliven Your Body
Empowerment to Enliven Your Body
Kathleen Keller

Education Summary


Certified TRE® Provider
Level 2 TRE® – Tension, Trauma and Stress Release Exercise


Level 1 TRE® – Tension, Trauma and Stress Release Exercise


Certified Fascial Fitness Trainer – Dr. Robert Schleip PhD., Ulm


Certified Myofascial Teacher – Associate for Thomas Myers, Maine


Certified Polestar® Pilates Instructor – All Apparatus, Hong Kong


Certified Meridian® Pilates – Cadillac, Chair & Barrels, Kuala Lumpur


Certified Yamana® Body Rolling Practitioner (SMR) – Level 2, New York


Canadian Pilates Institute – 350 hour apprenticeship, Vancouver


Certified Stott® Pilates Instructor – Reformer and Mat,  Vancouver


The Method Center – Pilates Rehabilitation, 1000 hour apprenticeship, Vancouver


Certificate Health and Fitness – Simon Fraser University, Vancouver

Kathleen is the owner and creator of:
Keller Method Vitality Inc. and
Keller Method Pilates & Rehabilitation

Kat has spent 20 years developing her own method of SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE (SMR) techniques and has taught her techniques to thousands of health professionals and to the public.  She is a multi-certified Rehabilitative Pilates – Master Practitioner.

Kat brings over 40 years of teaching experience and a wealth of knowledge to the workshops and lectures that she presents internationally. She blends many aspects of complementary modalities that she has studied, into her one-of-a kind approach to your well-being.


  • Dental & Medical Practitioner Wellness
  • Myofascial Connectivity and Fascial Fitness
  • Posture Re-education
  • TRE®: Tension, Trauma & Stress-Release Exercise
  • SMR: Self-Myofascial Release Techniques
  • Pilates Rehabilitation
  • Pilates for General Fitness

Calgary, Canada

In 2014:  Kathleen created Keller Method Vitality Inc. (formerly known as Posture Matters). KM Vitality is the educational company through which Kat presents her workshops and lectures.

2008 to Present: Since returning to Canada from abroad, Kat has based her private Pilates practice, Keller Method Pilates & Rehabilitation solely from well-respected physiotherapy clinics.  She has worked closely with, and continues to learn from, some of the top physiotherapists in Calgary.

  • 2019 – 2021: Lakeview Movement Studio – division of Lakeview Physiotherapy Clinic
  • 2017 – 2019: Momentum Health Clinic
  • 2011 – 2017: Tower Physiotherapy Clinic
  • 2008 – 2011: LifeMark Physiotherapy Clinic

Spain, England & Indonesia

2007: Kat moved to work in Alicante, Spain, for one year (from Jakarta, Indonesia).  Here she fully concentrated on the development of her own teacher training syllabus in Pilates and SMR. She mentored the teachers at Body Mind Cantering Studio and taught groups of physiotherapists in various Spanish towns and in London.

2005 – 2006: An international chain of health clubs, Celebrity Fitness, head-hunted Kathleen (then living in Malaysia) to be the Pilates Educator for their clubs in Indonesia and Malaysia. At that time Indonesia had 237 million people, and no local properly trained Pilates instructors. She introduced the first international level of Pilates Teacher Training Programs and SMR to Indonesia. She set-up and directed the programming for their nine clubs in two countries.

Malaysia and Hong Kong

2002 – 2005:  The family of the then Malaysian Prime Minister, recruited Kat (then living in Vancouver), to open and manage Pilates studios in Kuala Lumpur. Her responsibilities included training local Malaysians as Pilates instructors. At this time, Pilates was virtually unheard of in Southeast Asia. Kat introduced the first international level of Pilates Teacher Training Programs and SMR to Malaysia. Furthering her work in several provinces of Malaysia, she led workshops for physiotherapists and chiropractors.  Kat spent significant periods of time in Hong Kong and enriched her own training by completing her second Pilates Instructor Certification, Polestar®.

Group Doing Pilates
Pilates Group Photo In Jakarta
Group Doing Pilates

Vancouver, Canada

Kathleen Keller's bio

1977 – 2002: Kat began her career by teaching gymnastics, dance & fitness in Vancouver. She is a former national level competitive gymnast, professional dancer and choreographer. Kat enjoyed an intensely rewarding career teaching fitness/dance and performing for 20 years. She discovered Pilates following an injury in the 90’s, which dramatically shifted the trajectory of her path. She switched her teaching track over to Pilates. In 1997 she completed an intensive Pilates Rehabilitation apprenticeship (The Method Center) and in 1999 became a fully Certified Stott® Pilates Teacher. She was teaching Pilates out of various Vancouver studios, before she took on her life-changing overseas teaching adventures.